Greetings Uptonites!

I’ve missed a few weeks updating the amazing story of the Agreement because I know so little about websites and needed to check if an update to the database would cause issues with what’s already uploaded. I waited and delayed you for nothing. Sorry. I’ll do better next time.

Speaking of time, it seems to always be in short supply at the start of a new academic year. On top of that, I’ve been working to book guests for the new season of Comic Culture. If you haven’t checked out the show, the links are literally on every page, so do so. Please.  Anyway, Comic Culture led me to Atlanta and Dragon Con, when Mike Grell, creator of Jon Sable and Warlord, as well as writer of the first Green Arrow series, asked me to meet him there for an interview. I couldn’t say no, especially to one of my idols. So I spent 12 hours driving (probably more) roundtrip, fought through the crowds and spent like 2 hours there. Basically, I shot my interview, pursued for potential guests, met Jim Steranko (strongest handshake in the world) and then left. Had I a clue that Dragon Con is unlike every other convention, and if I knew how massive it was, I would have planned on spending more time there. As it was, I had a great conversation with a talented and entertaining writer/artist. It will probably be the second or third episode this year, so check back in the coming weeks.

Our latest installment of the Agreement introduces the powerful sodium engine. How did the Nazis manage to get their hands on one, and does it work?

Until next time, go Upton!


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