Greetings, Uptonities!

It’s been a while since my last letter. Why? Well, I could bore you with the details about an overload at work, or the repairs and changes being made to the house and how both have been occupying my time, but you don’t want to hear about that.

Issue 2 is moving along, and now we’re starting to unwrap the layers and connections between the past, the present, and the future. It’s weird to put it that way since technically the events set during WWII are flashbacks, so I guess the events we’re learning about now are flash-flashbacks. I dunno, if I start to think about it too much, it sounds like a Family Ties episode. Perhaps this one:¬†

The past is a theme in the Agreement. Our choices shape our future, but imagine all the everyday choices we make, like what socks we put on, had an unexpected impact on us later in life. So this is where, when writing the Agreement I started to see how to make those ripples, and how to make a conflict more personal. I rewrite as I draw each page, and themes that I wasn’t aware of become noticeable to me. I’ve been able to take what I originally wrote a few years back, and, with a fresh perspective, add layers and depth. It’s helped me define the characters a little more. If you have any thoughts on the issue or the where you think the story is going, please let me know. I’m mailable, and you can always leave comments on the page.

Finally, I’ve uploaded a bunch of Comic Culture episodes on youtube. Check them out. Tom Rasch of Black Alpha discusses the business side of being a creator. Tom Orzechowski discusses the theories of lettering. I must admit, I’ve been playing around with my lettering and balloons. There’s so much that goes into what seems like a simple process.

Well, that’s where we’re at. I hope you’ll still be here as the months roll on!



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