Welcome to the home of Upton Comics. There are a bunch of blogs and websites devoted to comics. Some sell comics, some publish them, and other offer reviews and critiques. So where does this place Upton Comics?

Firstly, Upton Comics is the home of the TV series “Comic Culture,” a 30-minute show that discusses comics with the men and women who create them. You’ll find links to all our episodes, as well as discussion boards and things to keep the conversation going.

Secondly, Upton Comics is a small comic imprint and will be the home of the serialized graphic novel “The Agreement,” a super-adventure story that’s part Watchmen, part Venture Bros., and part homage to the great comics of the 80s, but with more dick jokes. The book is a labor of love, and new pages will be added weekly.

Thirdly, Upton Comics will feature reviews and recommendations from people who love comics and want to share their favorites with you.

To conclude, Upton Comics is about comics, about making comics, and about enjoying comics. We hope you’ll come back soon.